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Industrial Heritage

The Crown Mines near Botallack

Tin has been extracted from the St Just area since the Bronze Age but it was not until the 17th century that tunnels or adits were excavated into cliff faces along the line of mineral veins.

In the deep shaft mining of the 18th and 19th centuries, steam engines were used to drain and pump water from below ground.

Huge numbers of men, women and children were involved in the industry, and conditions below ground were intensely noisy, wet, dark and dangerous.

The area was intensively mined until the general collapse of tin prices in the 1870s, the closure of Geevor mine in Pendeen in 1990 bringing an end to the dramatic pursuit of hard rock mining in the far west of Cornwall.

As part of the St Just heritage area regeneration project, many relics of the mining industry have recently been restored.

In 2006 selected mining landscapes across Cornwall and west Devon were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ten separate Areas make up the World Heritage Site, each has its own character and opportunities for adventure.

To explore the stories of Cornish mining in the area, visit the mining attractions or simply plan a day trip within one of the World Heritage Site areas, please use the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site widget on the right.

For more in depth information, including news & events, visit the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site website www.cornishmining.org.uk or click the logo below:

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